Limited Edition Print Set New Orleans Confederate Monuments

Limited Edition Print Set of New Orleans Confederate Monuments including Jefferson Davis, PGT Beauregard, Robert E Lee and Liberty Monuments now available for purchase. $65 with a copy of Statuesque New Orleans. Only 50 sets available - numbered and signed.



Dear Readers

Dear Friends and Readers,

In 2006, following Hurricane Katrina, many were reminiscing about New Orleans and looking for ways to commemorate our fine city's traditions and culture. A little idea of mine, a photography book documenting New Orleans statues and monuments, became a reality. It took 4 years of research, interviews, lots of photographs and attention to detail.  In 2010, Statuesque New Orleans was published!

I have worked hours publicizing my book, attending book signings and giving talks. And I still enjoy doing these. Through the years I have become an advocate for our statues and have volunteered time and dollars with a local non-profit to restore a number of our statuary.

New Orleans statuesque landscape has seen some changes recently. This is not the first nor will it be the last time New Orleans will talk about our monuments.  As I mention in the opening of my book, Statuesque New Orleans "is not a complete study of every piece of artwork in New Orleans, but a photographic essay of its history and landscape and what I see as Statuesque New Orleans." I am proud to have documented this small piece of history.

My book is available online and in bookstores and also by calling/emailing me directly. Limited edition prints of each of the monuments taken down are now available for purchase. Hope you enjoyed discovering these hidden treasures.


Ocean Song

In 1990, along the Woldenberg Riverfront Park, John T Scott installed a kinetic sculpture called "Ocean Song." John Scott, one of the most prominent African American sculptors in New Orleans died in 2007. Scott said of the 16 foot long mirrored sculpture: "The rings at the top of the sculpture represent the circle dances that were performed at Congo Square by slaves, the wires that bisect the rings are a reminder of the traditional African diddley bow musical instrument and the wind-activated aluminum rods produce visual patterns reminiscent of jazz." ‪#‎statueoftheweek‬ ‪#‎nola‬

NolaVie Launch

Beginning tomorrow, I will have a monthly column on NolaVie called "Up On A Pedestal." I'll explore in more depth histories and tidbits from our city's statuesque landscape. I'm thrilled to be able to be a contributor! Renee, editor of NolaVie, wrote this lovely and kind introduction!