Statuesque New Orleans: The Perfect Father’s Day Gift for Dad the History Buff

Statuesque New Orleans: The Perfect Father’s Day Gift for Dad the History Buff


In a time when New Orleans’ monuments continue to be a topic of interest, local photographer Ashley Merlin’s book Statuesque New Orleans is more relevant than ever – but the city’s “monumental” landscape is much deeper than Beauregard, Lee and Davis.


From war memorials to heroes, musicians and distinguished sculptors, local photographer Ashley Merlin’s coffee table book Statuesque New Orleans explores metropolitan statuesque scenes – from St. Charles Avenue to the Mississippi River, Kenner and Chalmette.


Featuring breathtaking photographs of 126 of New Orleans’ famous, but often underappreciated, statues and monuments, the book also supports their restoration, so they may be enjoyed for decades to come. A portion of proceeds from book sales are donated to organizations maintaining and refurbishing more than two centuries of priceless New Orleans sculptures.


Here are just a few reasons why Statuesque New Orleans makes the perfect gift for Dear Old Dad:


  • Whether a lifelong New Orleanian, a transplant of sorts or a devoted tourist, Dad will uncover countless little-known facts about the personalities and stories behind some of the Big Easy’s most underappreciated art scenes. Representing two centuries of statues from politicians to wars and artists, these statues tell a story – hundreds of them.


  • Statuesque New Orleans is the only comprehensive guide and history book highlighting statues found throughout New Orleans. The book includes 10 neighborhood maps as well as indexes of every statue by name and artist. Each of the statues and monuments are accessible to the public.


  • Dad can expand his cultural horizons through a visual representation of New Orleans’ past. The plethora of statues that pepper the city give a physical documentation of its history. Dad can see influences from Europe, the Americas and Africa, the winners and losers of battles and wars, and, as all will remember, the effects of disasters.


  • Not only does the book encourage Dad to care for his health by hopping on a bike or taking a walk to explore the city’s statues, it also sheds light on the city’s under-maintained art. It is estimated that 70% of these statues need attention due to damage from dirt, wear and tear, and broken parts.


  • Does Dad love details? Statuesque New Orleans includes stunning color photographs - from Andrew Jackson astride his horse in Jackson Square to beautiful works by Enrique Alférez - as well as the date, sculptor, location, and background of each monument. For those inclined to seek out their favorite treasures, Statuesque also features 10 neighborhood maps of the Greater New Orleans area. For the detail-oriented patriarch seeking the specifics to absorb their historical value, the book offers an abundance of rich cultural and historical information.


Where to purchase?


Books retail for $45 and are available for purchase online at plus from a number of local retailers: Octavia Books, New Orleans Museum of Art, Barnes & Noble, and Chateau Drugs & Gifts. Follow Statuesque New Orleans’ latest news on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email